The future of smart investing is here –
and we and our clients are shaping it together.

We are an independent, SEC-registered investment advisory (RIA) firm with a completely open investment architecture. Sage Mountain is designed to be a virtual family office that is always at the ready for our clients. As a 100% private and independent firm we are free to analyze more sources, move faster than big, traditional firms, and deliver unique ideas and value at all levels.

Research & Tools

Unlike advisors at big firms who are restricted to in-house research, we have the ability to aggregate research from a wide variety of sources in an effort to bring the best thinking and ideas to clients.

& Unbiased Advice

We put the interests of our clients first. We synthesize multiple sources of research and leverage tools to deliver unique ideas and bespoke strategies designed to help clients protect and grow their wealth.

Hyper-responsive Service

At the heart of the client experience is our belief in earning trust. To do so, we are committed to provide exceptional service and attention to each client - always available to help with any and all of their needs.